Election day:  November 4, 2014

I'm happy to announce that I have earned the endorsement of the Mountain View Voice, the San Jose Mercury News, and the Palo Alto Daily Post! For a full list of my endorsements, click here. I thank you for your consideration and welcome your vote!

My top priorities are:

  1. Housing - bringing job growth and new housing into balance while retaining neighborhoods
  2. Traffic - accommodating change with improved infrastructure 
  3. Land Use - working to maintain Mountain View's distinct character while shaping a more vibrant community
  4. Improving dialogue and communication between residents and City officials

There are plenty of sub-issues related to each of these, including growth, economic development, affordability, transportation, natural resources, sustainability, school enrollment, and so on. My beliefs and goals can be summarized by saying I:

  • want to preserve and protect what we love about Mountain View and change only what we need
  • value both the economic and cultural diversity in Mountain View. However, the recent growth of our wonderful corporate and commercial businesses has led to rapidly increased costs for housing.  Therefore I support more housing stock of all types and sizes (mainly medium density, no sky scrapers, and certainly not endless new construction projects) located specifically in the "change areas" identified in the 2030 General plan. I’d also like to see the review process for housing projects be prioritized by the city to see if we can decrease housing costs by increasing supply. The city could also offer incentives for businesses to support programs for low income residents.
  • recognize that the growth we’re witnessing is regional, and Mountain View is in the center of it.
  • support exploring housing in the North Bayshore area
  • am a believer in property rights
  • believe that development projects need to consider the side effects very carefully and should not be allowed to proceed without mitigation of commensurate traffic and infrastructure issues  
  • support efforts to improve our bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure
  • support Community Choice Aggregation to reduce greenhouse gases (for more information, click here).
  • support development of alternative transit possibilities and am excited by the new shuttle system


With a diverse set of education, career, and community leadership experiences, and a long list of volunteer involvement, I am ready to come to Council with a broad perspective. I am known for my ability to synthesize the thoughts and comments of others before coming to a conclusion. And I have earned the respect of my peers for my willingness and desire to include others and let their voices be heard.  For bio and background information, please visit the "About Ken" tab.

It is important to me that Mountain View continue to be the envy of the Bay Area. I want to retain and expand the quality of life for our residents, both existing and future. I will strive to continue the city's outstanding fiscal management, fabulous civic events, and wonderful attractions. Mountain View is, and shall remain, a destination city. In considering development opportunities, it is essential that the City engage its residents before making new decisions.  Using the Civility Roundtable format that I introduced to Mountain View, I intend to expand the City's outreach efforts to include as many residents as possible in the shaping of our future. I humbly request your vote and look forward to continuing to serve our community.

Please take advantage of the many options of this website.  You can endorse me, enlist as a campaign volunteer, contribute to the campaign, sign up to host a "meet and greet", ask me questions, and even register to vote!

Thank you for your interest, your support and most importantly --- YOUR VOTE!!



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