Thank you for your interest in my campaign for Mountain View City Council. Even though the election is in November, I am busy behind the scenes setting up my campaign infrastructure and developing my priorities. Those will soon be listed on this website.

This is an unusual election cycle in that there are three uncontested seats available. That is, there will be three new elected officials when the votes are counted.  With your support, I hope to be one of them.

With a diverse set of education, career, and community leadership experiences, and a long list of volunteer involvement, I am ready to come to Council with a broad perspective. I am known for my ability to synthesize the thoughts and comments of others before coming to a conclusion. And I have earned the respect of my peers for my willingness and desire to include others and let their voices be heard.  

It is important to me that Mountain View continue to be the envy of the Bay Area. From fiscal management to civic parades to fabulous parks to new development opportunities, it is essential that the City engage its residents before making new decisions.  I intend to expand on that tradition. I humbly request your vote and look forward to continuing to serve our community.

Please take advantage of the many options of this website.  You can endorse me, enlist as a campaign volunteer, contribute to the campaign, sign up to host a "meet and greet", ask me questions, and even register to vote!

Thank you for your interest and your support!

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